November 2020

MDC eBook and Template: Write a Communication Action Plan

This 20 page e-Workbook will take you through, step by step, how to write a Communication Action Plan that will give your campaign or organisation a competitive edge. It focuses on both the value-based communications model to maximum social impact (alongside economic sustainability objectives); and options which will take into account your organisational resources.

If you intend to workshop your plan as an organisational team, we can also send you a Powerpoint template to use as a basis.

Topics and activities covered include:

– Organisational priorities, influences, and limits: Being clear.
– Stakeholder review and identification. (Mapping exercise)
– Knowing the knowledge gap (What do I need to find out and how?)
– Alignment of organisational/stakeholder objectives.
– Finding the right match: Community/Public Relations strategies.
– Communication tools: Option and best uses.
– Writing your Communication Action Plan.

The final two pages provide an easy to read template which can be a living communications/public relations action plan and a critical organisational planning document. You fill in the gaps after going through our planning process.

COST: $15 (Contact for more information.)